Filing a Copyright

Protect your idea and concepts worldide witha low budget

Do you have a new idea, a new concept?

The first thing to do is to protect yourself internationally by filing a Copyright.

With SOTERYAH IP, you make your copyright deposit with an expert approved by the INPI and the European Patent Office with a small budget.

The scope of the filing is international. It can be done at the INPI, or at the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO), Offices established by the States to manage Intellectual Property almost since it has been existing.

After the deposit, an official certificate will be sent to you with our report. This certificate may be invoked against third parties as proof of copyright.

Thanks to the copyright, you will have a means of proof if for example a partner unties and uses the corresponding information. You can then raise the copyright which has a date prior to the start of your partnership, which will be indisputable proof.

This being said, we recommend strengthening your position by signing a Non-disclosure Agreement with third parties to avoid this type of situation.

Important: protecting and invoking legally a technical innovation requires filing a patent.

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