Introduction to Intellectual Property

– What is a patent? A trademark?

– How to make a watch of the previous rights of a competitor? How to search for prior patents concerning a new project?

We carry out training sessions to acclimate you to the specific field of intellectual property according to your needs.

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Preparation for the European Qualifying Examination

Need assistance in the preparation of the European Qualification Exam?

Preliminary examination paper, paper A, B, C and D, we have developed a training method in which we assist you more closely, in a personalized way. Each of our candidates is coming out of our formations with the weapons that were specifically missing for the contemplated paper.

The courses are offered in Montpellier or online by videoconference.

Program extracts and brochures will be available soon.

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Preparation for the French Qualifying Examination

The French Examination must be the subject of a specific preparation, in particular for the legal part, and the oral part.

We offer adapted training.

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Estimation of costs

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