Why filing Patents, Trademarks,…?

What is the role of a patent?

What is intellectual property?

How can it profit to your business… ?

Building my Property on my own?!

Mr Doe explains how it is impossible, even for a handy man like him, to build his house on his own…

…however, M. Doe intended to “build” his intellectual property on hiw own…


1.) Evaluation of your needs

We carry out interviews with you until the precise determination of the most suitable service.

  • International filings and procedures for patents, trademarks and designs (including the UK, EPO, the WIPO, Germany, Switzerland, France
  • Patentability and freedom of operate Reviews
  • Infringement reviews and pre-trial enforcement of IP rights
  • Legal reviews relating to IP
  • Licensing agreements and assignments of IP
  • IP Portfolio valuation
  • Technology transfers

2.) First recommendations

Once your needs are determined, we draw up a list of actions or reviews that need to be performed.


3.) Implementations

Once the recommendations are made, we assist you as much as possible in their implementation.

In particular, for prior art searches:
– considering the invention, researching and rapidly reviewing the documents found, reviewing the most relevant documents, editing of our report with our first recommendations.

For the drafting and filing of patent applications:
-considering the invention, taking into account of the invention, rapidly reviewing the prior art, preparing a set of claims, preparing a detailed description, preparing annotated figures according to the relevant regulation, formatting of the text and figures to Patent Office‘s format.

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