#ProfitIP – Profitability of IP (ITC)

As with the research tax credit (RTC) already presented in a previous post, the innovation tax credit is another tax tool that can offset the high costs that patent expenses can represent for a good return on the patent portfolio (combined with communication and marketing efforts).

Innovation Tax Credit (ITC)

SMEs with less than 250 employees whose turnover is less than 50M € or whose balance sheet total is less than 43M €.

Eligible expenditure:
Costs related to the design or construction of prototype (s), including personnel costs and capital assets.
Costs of acquiring patents and models, and depreciation relating thereto.

Note: the maximum base is 400 k €.

20%, a maximum of 80 k €.

For the record, the RTC rate is 30% up to 100 million euros 5% beyond.

It is therefore necessary to cumulate the ITC with other tools, in particular the RTC.


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