Searching for funds

The creation of start-ups and the development of the company are an obstacle course, in particular with regard to financing.

The prerequisite is of course the definition of a significant competitive advantage, which can then materialize in sales of products or services.

But from the start of the start-up, it needs a lot of funding to manage the first patents and brands, the first salaries, marketing, communication, sales …

It is the same for the developing company which is likely to have large orders to fulfill at the same time as these costs related to innovation.

It is therefore important to find the funding for the launch and for the maintenance of the activity, keeping in mind that this will be supported later by sales.

The emphasis is first on non-dilutive financing to first increase the value of your shares and not to lose control of your business too soon.

It is only in a second step that we will assess the advisability of going through dilutive financing of the Business Angels type …

SOTERYAH IP (and other consultants) assist you in the diagnosis of your needs, the financing strategy, the strategies for submitting grant applications, BPIFrance applications, and other institutional grants, honor loans and finally bank loans .


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