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Why a Soteryah index?

Detailed ranking – Soteryah index

Besides international investments in business, investors and applicants are oftentimes faced with a need to choose countries where they are to continue IP procedures.

The question then arises regarding in which countries to invest in priority, and based on which criteria.

The choice of countries where to invest must, as much as possible, take into account economic indicators, in order to have an objective picture of purchasing power and of the business potential.

It is in view of this need that we designed the SoteryahTM index. It takes into account economic data, inter alia from the databases of the international monetary fund, of the previous year.

The countries with a large annual economic production and a significant productive population are the best ranked.

On one hand, a “Luxury” index is calculated with more emphasis on economic production than on population elements. This index is intended for companies favoring for example an exceptional quality of products or services. The Luxury index corresponds more to products and services targeting an elite of the country at a relatively high price.

On the other hand, a “Mass Market” index puts more emphasis on population elements. This index is intended for companies favoring for example a price acceptable by the largest number of consumers. The Mass Market index corresponds more to products and services targeting the majority of the population taking into account average incomes.

Remark: The Soteryah index may not be suitable for certain countries for various reasons. This being said, it seems to be an interesting tool.



The data shows that Europe and the United States do seem to be the territories of primary choice.

Qatar is one of the countries where colossal investments can be mobilized.

African countries opted for supranational rights to facilitate investments in several countries.

Isolated countries, regarding International IP conventions, seem to be the least attractive from an investment perspective.

Top 50 Mass Market

Rank World Score Pt Tm
1  United States 248,0 WO P
2  China 145,8 WO A&P
3  Quatar 101,8 GC
4  Macau 90,0 WO A&P
5  Luxembourg 82,4 EPO A&P
6  Japan 82,0 WO P
7  Singapore 80,3 WO P
8  Germany 76,3 EPO A&P
9  Ireland 64,0 EPO P
10  Brunei 61,1 WO
11  Norway 60,9 EPO P
12  United Kingdom 60,6 EPO P
13  France 60,3 EPO A&P
14  United Arab Emirates 57,0 GC
15 Switzerland 56,2 EPO A&P
16  Canada 54,2 WO
17  Australia 53,0 WO P
18  Hong Kong 52,7 EPO*
19  Kuwait 52,6 GC
20  Netherlands 51,6 EPO A&P
21  Saudi Arabia 50,1 GC
22  Italy 48,9 EPO A&P
23  Korea, South 46,9 WO P
24  San Marino 46,2 EPO A&P
25  Taiwan 46,1 WO
26  Sweden 45,5 EPO P
27  Austria 44,1 EPO A&P
28  Spain 43,8 EPO
29  Denmark 43,2 EPO P
30  Iceland 43,1 EPO A&P
31  Belgium 41,8 EPO A&P
32  Bahrain 38,7 GC P
33  Finland 38,1 EPO P
34  Russia 37,7 EA A&P
35  Oman 36,4 GC P
36  Malta 35,1 EPO
37  India 33,4 WO
38  Israel 32,7 WO
39  New Zealand 32,7 WO
40  Puerto Rico 31,4 WO
41  Czech Republic 30,9 EPO A&P
42  Cyprus 30,9 EPO A&P
43  Poland 29,8 EPO A&P
44  Brazil 29,6 WO
45  Slovenia 28,7 EPO A&P
46  Turkey 28,4 EPO P
47  Slovakia 27,9 EPO A&P
48  Mexico 27,7 WO
49  Lithuania 27,2 EPO P
50  Malaysia 27,1 WO


NOTE: SOTERYAH and SOTERYAH IP are registered trademarks.


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