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#IPBday – The kevlar patent is over 50 years old!

Stephanie KWOLEK, the inventor of the kevlar, symbolizes women in the post-war scientific community having to make considerable efforts in comparison with her (male) peers, having to leave the lot significantly to be kept in office. Born in New Kensington, Pennsylvania, in 1923, from Polish parents in the United States, Stephanie KWOLEK early became much […]

#IPLaw #PatLaw – Disadvantages of the new mandatory online filing of patent applications before the French Patent Office (INPI)

Following the filing of the French trademarks and the filing of French designs, the General Director of the French Patent Office issued a decision on last November 8, concerning the filing of French patent applications and other national proceedings to be made exclusively online, with effect from November 19, 2018. Previously, it was possible to […]

#PatLaw – The employer has disclosed an invention that would have worth millions

One more or less uniform paradigm in various jurisdictions, is that the invention of the employee belongs, because of the employment contract, to the employer. Some specificities may exist in certain jurisdictions but the principle is generally this one. Under French law, schematically, when the inventor had an inventive mission, the employer must give him […]

#Hommage – Lise MEITNER – Radioactivity and Nuclear Physics

Lise MEITNER (November 1878 AT – October 1968 UK) is renowned for her work on radioactivity and nuclear fission, as well as the discovery of protactinium. She received 48 nominations and 21 scientific awards for her work, including: -1925: Lieben price for the study of beta and gamma rays; -1947: Award of honor of the […]

#IPLaw, #IPBasics – Detention under customs control and custom seizure of more than 8000 counterfeit automobile parts in Drôme and Indre (FR)

EU law allows a regime of keeping goods in detention under customs control, when they are suspected of infringing industrial property rights. Needless to say, it is important that rights must first be registered to justify the use of this regime. Under this scheme, the procedure in France allows custom agents to retain imported goods […]

#IPLaw #USLaw – Judgment erasing damages due by APPE Inc. to the WARF (University of Wiscousing) (US)

For the background of the case, the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (“WARF”) sued Apple in january 2014, before the Wiscounsin District Court. The WARF argued that Apple was infringing U.S. Patent No. 5,781,752, essentially concerning instructions executions in a predictive way by processors. The WARF argued that the A7, A8 and A8X integrated circuit chips […]